Biotechnology consists of altering biological function by adding or removing genes from another organism. This course isintendedfor students with abackgroundin biology and nodding acquaintance in maths and chemistry till class 12. After graduation it is necessary to pass national level examinations to be part of academics. Apart of this biotechnology has a significant impact on a variety of industries, including biomedical, agriculture, health care, farming, food processing, the environment, chemicals, and textiles. Considering the situation, biotechnology has grown in popularity over time, and in the not-too-distant future, it will reach the skies. So, what really is the significance of training? It is critical for students to have hands-on training and understanding in the area. According to the current situation, freshers do not receive adequate hands-on training, resulting in job loss. To bridge the gap between academic knowledge and industrial training, biotechnology training is required. This is gained through training in well-equipped and knowledgeable labs. These trainings are beneficial because students receive understanding of how to operate industry tools, giving them the confidence to work in any lab or business. Aside from that, industrial training will improve students' style of thinking, build technical abilities, and presentation skills, as well as help them grasp science better and perform better in interviews.

A huge number of students have been drawn to the field of biotechnology, and each year a considerable number of students graduate with B.Sc/ M.Sc, B.Tech/ M.Tech degrees. For R&D, production, and services, the biotechnology business requires trained labour. The majority of students, however, are unable to find work since they lack the skills required by the biotech industry. In addition, the biotech industry has stated on multiple occasions that it lacks competent labour to meet its needs. There is a pressing demand for B.Sc., B.Tech., and M.Sc., M.Tech. candidates who want to specialize in the biotech industry to receive skills training. Due to the students' core knowledge, extra abilities can be delivered in a short period of six months through theoretical and hands-on exposure.

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